Terms and Conditions


In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meaning:
"Accommodation providers" means any hotels, resorts, apartments, and other accommodation of any description featured in the website;
"Agreement" means the agreement between the accommodation provider and www.bookon4d.com;
"Conditions" means the terms and conditions set out below;
"Commission" means "fee" and "fees"
"Customer" means a visitor who books accommodation through the website;
"Customer service" means the customer service desk of www.bookon4d.com which can be contacted via emailing customer.service@bookon4d.com;
"Fee" and "fees" means the fee or fees payable by the accommodation provider to www.bookon4d.com;
"Service" means online booking engine of www.bookon4d.com through which accommodation providers can make their rooms available for reservation and customers can make reservations at such accommodations.
"Website" means www.bookon4d.com and includes co-branded websites.


2.1 Accommodation information
  1. The information provided by accommodation providers relating to the accommodation (pictures, photos, descriptions), services provided, rooms available for reservation, pricing details including taxes, surcharges, fees, availability, cancellation, no-show policies will be according to the format provided by www.bookon4d.com
  2. The accommodation owners shall be responsible for all information placed on the website. The information provided must be legal, honest, accurate and truthful and shall accurately represent the prices, standard, specifications and facilities of the accommodation
  3. The information must be kept up to date and updated at such frequent basis as may be required. It should not be misleading and breach any applicable law.
  4. The information should not be libellous, defamatory of any person, company or organisation.
  5. Unless stated otherwise in the agreement, the accommodation rate shown on the website shall be inclusive of such taxes, charges, fees and levies as may be applicable
  6. The owner is responsible for communicating to www.bookon4d.com and the customers in case there is any change in the availability or standard of the facilities.
2.2 Commission
  1. For each reservation made, the accommodation provider shall pay www.bookon4d.com; a commission, in accordance with the relevant commission percentage set out in the agreement. Where money is taken in advance by www.bookon4d.com; from the customer, www.bookon4d.com; will deduct the commission and online payment charges before remitting the remaining amount to the accommodation provider
  2. Payment to accommodation provider shall be made after the cancellation period has expired. Cancellation period is the time and date after which cancellation made will incur cancellation charges as per the accommodation provider’s cancellation policy. Any cancellation made by a customer after cancellation period shall be dealt with by the accommodation provider directly without any mediation by www.bookon4d.com;
2.3 Reservation, cancellation and complaints
  1. The accommodation provider shall receive an email confirmation for every booking made by the customer via www.bookon4d.com;. However, www.bookon4d.com; is not responsible for accuracy and correctness of information (including credit card details) and dates provided by the customer
  2. Upon making a reservation through bookon4d.com, the customer enters into a legally binding, contractual relationship with the accommodation provider. www.bookon4d.com; is solely an agent between the customer and the accommodation provider
  3. Other than the fees, charges, levies set out in the confirmed booking, the accommodation provider shall not charge the customer any other transaction of administration fee or charge for use of any payment method (e.g., charge for use of credit card)
  4. Any complaints or claims made by the customer in respect of the product or service provided by the accommodation provider shall be dealt with by the accommodation provider without any mediation by www.bookon4d.com;. www.bookon4d.com; is not responsible and disclaims any liability in respect of such claims made by the customer
  5. In the event that the accommodation provider is not able to meet its obligations and provide the rooms booked, the accommodation provider shall inform www.bookon4d.com immediately. The accommodation provider shall procure alternative arrangements of equal or superior quality at the expense of the accommodation provider in the event that no room is available on arrival of the customer

3. OBLIGATIONS OF www.bookon4d.com

  1. The accommodation provider grants www.bookon4d.com the right to use, reproduce, distribute, and make available in any method the accommodation information provided by the accommodation provider which are necessary for www.bookon4d.com to perform its obligations under this agreement
  2. www.bookon4d.com; will provide the accommodation provider all details of reservation made by the customer which includes the arrival and departure date, room type, room rate, customer name, address, and any other details and special requests made by the customer at the time of reservation
  3. www.bookon4d.com; shall also provide details regarding the advance amount taken from the customer to the accommodation provider
  4. Customers might be asked by www.bookon4d.com to provide their feedback regarding their stay with the accommodation provider. www.bookon4d.com; is merely a distributor of these comments and not a publisher of these comments and is not responsible and liable for the content and consequences of these comments and review. These comments reflect the opinion of the customers and not www.bookon4d.com;
  5. www.bookon4d.com; disclaims and excludes any and all liability in regards to the accommodation provider related to any breakdown, downtime, interruption or unavailability of the service


  1. Each party shall be liable to compensate and indemnify the other party for and against any direct damages, losses (excluding, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage to goodwill), liabilities, obligations, costs, claims of any kind, actually, paid, suffered or incurred by the other party due to a breach of this agreement
  2. The accommodation provider shall fully indemnify and compensate www.bookon4d.com; for and against any liability, costs, and expenses, damages, losses, obligations, claims of any kind, suffered or incurred by www.bookon4d.com; as a result of all claims made by guests due to inaccurate and misleading information of the accommodation on the website; all claims made by guests concerning their stay in the accommodation, cancelled or wrong reservations


  1. The agreement shall commence on the date hereof and be effective for a year unless either party wishes to terminate it after giving a notice of one month
  2. Each party may terminate or suspend this agreement with immediate effect and without notice in case there is a material breach of any term of this agreement by the other party (e.g., delay in payment, insolvency, providing wrong information, significant number of guest complaints, etc)


The systems, books and records of www.bookon4d.com(including online reservation statement, faxes and/or email) shall be considered to be conclusive evidence of the receipt of reservation by the accommodation provider and the amount of commission of the accommodation provider due to www.bookon4d.com under this agreement, unless the accommodation provider can provide reasonable and credible counter-evidence.


  1. The parties to this agreement, agree and understand that each party may have access to or may be exposed to, directly or indirectly, confidential information of the other party. This includes customer data, transaction volume, business, financial, technical, operational, other non-public information deemed to be private or confidential
  2. Each party agrees that the confidential information remains the property of the disclosing party and the receiving party shall not use such information for any purpose other than for the furtherance of this agreement


  1. All notices and communication must be in English, in writing and sent by fax, email or post or courier to the applicable fax number, email address or postal address set out in the agreement
  2. If any provision(s) of this agreement become invalid or non-binding, the parties shall remain bound by the remaining provisions hereof
  3. In the event of any provision(s) of this agreement becoming invalid or non-binding, the parties shall replace that provision(s) by provision(s) that are valid and binding, and that have, to the extent possible, a similar effect as that of the invalid and non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of this agreement

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